We Are Festival 30.05.15 – 31.05.15

We Are Festival 30.05.15 – 31.05.15


Clockwork Orange was born way back in January 1993, the 23rd to be precise at The Old Paddocks nightclub in High Holborn in London’s West End.

The first party was a gathering of friends and quickly escalated into a word of mouth gathering throughout London, from Paddocks in Holborn to Cinnecita in Oxford Street. It wasn’t until 1994 after Clockwork’s 1st birthday (roadblock-police moved on crowds as tickets sold out) that they really branched out with Parties at Electric Film Studios in Kings Cross and then the following night our first party on a bank holiday Sunday at The Cross. This was one of Clockworks two favourite venues as The Cross exulted sheer class. The other venue being the much loved Camden Palace.

Clockwork has since re-emerged into the old school resurgence of today and since 2012 has gone on to sell out parties at McQueens, Fire, Lightbox and Area, The Fire and Lightbox party was probably in the Clockwork top 3 of all nights. Considering how many amazing parties they’ve have held that’s a pretty damn amazing feat considering its only 20 years young!

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